Wind n` Bind

Wind n´ bind is a flexible and site-specific installation, made out of fabric and seaweed. It consists of a few ever-changing sculptures (number not fixed) and one large sculpture. The title refers to the methods used to make the sculptures, twisting the material as well as tying it together.

The key elements is the methods used to make the sculptures and are referring to manual labour, the physical work done by humans, especially domestic labour. In today’s societies this type of labour is getting more and more taken over by machines but is still very crucial for survival. By applying the task of twisting or winding the fabric I am referring to the act of cleaning clothes and by tying or braiding referrers both to the act of weaving, either hair or natural material to make baskets or rope.

The smaller sculptures are made of fabric that have been submerged into seaweed glue. After the fabric has infused the glue, the fabric is picked up at a random place and then the glue is wrung out. The shape is formed by chance and is directly set to dry. When the dry process is complete, they become hard and some of the seaweed is visible in the texture.