The Living Art Museum 1978-2008



Designer: Ármann Agnarsson

A Retrospective: the Living Art Museum 1978-2008 marked the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Living Art Museum in Reykjavík, Iceland.

From the start, the Living Art Museum – Nýló, an artist-run initiative, has been a key player in the Icelandic cultural society, and has cultivated its role as a forum for exhibitions and critical discourse by organising international art events and forming connections with cultural institutions domestically and internationally.

The purpose of this volume is to assemble the museum’s exhibition history, as a source book on contemporary art. Its publication lays open the museum archive and offers insight to those interested in how the museum has presented and run itself through the years. It contains basic information on the museum’s mission and programs, organised primarily to allow for ease and enjoyment in looking up and locating information.

The volume is an important reference guide for all those interested in contemporary art, graphic design, museum and cultural studies.
360 pages
ISBN 978-9979-70-674-8

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