Wall sculpture, food cartridges and paper packaging

From 2002 until 2012 I collected food cartridges and paper packaging, everything that lagged behind after cooking and general food consumption. During that time I lived in six different locations: Túngata in Skagaströnd, Óðinsgata in Reykjavík, Albert Cuyp Straat in Amsterdam, Fishersund in Reykjavík, Njálsgata in Reykjavík and Hafnargata in Seyðisfjörður. Everybody that I lived with or visited my home and had food and drink contributed to the process, including three children that came into the world during the period. The remain is a compact trail of consumption.

Stump was made in five sessions;

– in June 2003, diameter 35 cm

– in August 2004, diameter 46 cm

– in September 2005, diameter 59 cm

– in April 2008, diameter 77 cm

– in May 2013, diameter 150 cm

The Living Art Museum, 2008.