Balance Studies


Photographic series, ongoing

The ongoing photographic series Balance Studies AA, AB, AC, AD, AE etc is in endless variation. The series consist of different compositions constructed of wringed T-shirts, windings, that have been submerged in seaweed glue, made from Irish Moss, and set to dry. Consequently, the windings are placed on top of each other to form a containable structure. Each composition is like a puzzle made by different shaped and colour units fitted together.

The series represent the internal aspect of caring for oneself and others. It is an attempt to capture the inner turmoil of our own homemade survival mechanisms. The modern individual is loaded with self-made and external chores, roles, tasks, and responsibilities, hidden from sight and abide within our own memory in the shape of to-do lists, or other tools. Each winding represents the compartmentalising and categorising, that make it possible to have an overview of different important and unimportant information in relation to day to day life administration, ranging from primary needs to future goals.